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February 11 2015


life hack: u dont have to be a wolf to yell sad noises at the moon

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will olaf and minions ever end. will i be forced to live the rest of my life occasionally seeing olaf and minions

taylorswift fight me. right now

Vaccinate your kids folks


I’m not about to get sick and die because you think juniper leaf with organic honey will protect you from Polio

February 10 2015

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bathing in gold like a queen

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fuck…. apparently there is a guy on fantasy movie sets who is in charge of how different species move… like they teach the actors how to move to fit their species…. i would like to do that. it seems fun. also being a weapons coach like teach the actors to spin their swords and different types of fighting style for different thins. sounds fun

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Natasha Cousens

Natasha Cousens creates sculptures that can be considered a new form of taxidermy. Instead of the real thing, her pieces are beautifully crafted wooden sculptures of woodland creatures like foxes, deers, and rabbits. These cute forest dwellers are often embellished with decorative elements such as floral wreaths or guised in an unnatural color; making Cousen’s work soft, whimsical and fun.


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There’s something magical about the beach in January.

holy shit

*walks into school* welcome to VOID HELL you fucks


every time you SIN you gain ONE SINPOINT. i SIN frequently and gain SINPOINTS often because i am not gentle or kind. i buy perfume that smells like wolves

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Naomi Campbell by Patrick Demarchelier for Versace Atelier S/S 1992

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